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John Roberts

Senior Unit Manager

Described recently as a talented, hard working professional JR has been in the industry longer than he looks like he should have been.

Having starting as a BBC Comms trainee, JR quickly found that the technical and interpersonal challenges of major projects was his forte, or rather the need to find someone who could coordinate marathons, D-Day links extravaganzas and Hong Kong Handovers really made the choice for him.

Moving from major comms projects into the wider Engineering/Unit Manager role was a natural progression where his slightly off beat approach to situations has proved both popular and effective.

For instance he’d be pushed to explain the offside rule, but happily delivered Euro2012 coverage for a month in Poland.

He has delivered projects from live Otter Spotting with Simon King on the Shetland Islands, to the Boat Race on the Thames and the Reading Festival.


+44 (0) 7860 759289
John Roberts
Photography by Tom Robinson